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Now, THIS is embarrassing: Drew Holden’s thread of ‘bad Carter Pages takes’ filled with the Left’s DUMBEST of the dumb (we see you Eric Swalwell!)

Brit Hume once again was front and center sharing a fairly exceptional thread from the one and only Drew Holden.

This time on the epically bad Carter Page takes so many made on the Left.


And of course, the media.

Here we go.

Good ol’ Nancy Pe-LOSE-i (waves to father-in-law).

Nah, she’s far too busy pretending it’s the GOP who is out of touch with the little people as she fishes really expensive ice cream out of her really expensive refrigerator.


Good ol’ Schiff for Brains.

We can’t imagine Ted Lieu being the ‘real star’ of anything but here we are.



And speaking of wow.

It’s like a thread of tweets from Democrats’ DUMBEST.


Been a while since we wrote about that guy.

Probably a reason for that.



As most takes do from The Atlantic.


Says it all.

Watch out for those homophobic time-traveling hackers, Joy.

This freakin’ guy.



Can’t have a thread of stupid without Confederacy Fan, Rick Wilson.

Nobody is as good at being wrong as Rick is.

Conservative blogger, y’all.

Only one of at least 10.

This dude really loves the sound of his own tweets.

What a joke.

Oh, Larry.



*zips lips*

Let’s hear it for McMuffin!

Who is this again?




Waiting for those corrections on Carter Page, folks.




NY AG Letitia James’ thread explaining why she’s filed suit to dissolve the NRA BACKFIRES spectacularly (as will her suit)

‘More racist than ANYTHING Trump has ever said’: Joe Biden’s latest GAFFE about Black Americans is one of his worst yet (watch)

‘Felt like I was DYING’: Alyssa Milano announces she tested positive for COVID antibodies but thread shows her timeline doesn’t QUITE add up

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