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'I would FIRE all of you': NRCC brings a knife to a gunfight with Kurt Schlichter over their annoying AF text messages and HOO-BOY

Would appear the NRCC is sending some questionable and even annoying texts trying to raise money. Nothing inspires someone to donate like being nagged and shamed by a bunch of yahoos using Pelosi as a threat … this editor does not receive these texts.



But Kurt Schlichter does and clearly does not appreciate them.

At all.

They fired back:

Did they really just call the colonel ‘Karen’?


What were they THINKING?!

C’mon, they had to know this wouldn’t end well for them.

They never learn.

But wait, there’s more!


Not a great look, guys.

Now you’d think at this point they’d realize the hole they’re standing in is already pretty deep.

But nope.

They kept on digging.

Stupid stupid stupid.

Hug that.




This. ^

Yeah, dummies.



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