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'You should study RIOTS': Jim Treacher TORCHES Ali Velshi for guilting all of America for being 'racist' in vicious back and forth

We’ve never understood how anyone can stand to watch MSNBC who is honestly even worse than CNN, and considering what a dumpster fire of flaming awful CNN is, that’s saying something. But since George Floyd’s death, they’ve been absolutely more unbearable than usual.


Seriously, who is their audience? We don’t get it, and neither does PJ Media’s Jim Treacher apparently:


We like how he called Ali out … who responded:


He said white privilege.

Quick, DRINK!

Don’t look at us, man, we don’t get it either.

Hey, he said with all due respect, right?

1, 2, 3, 3.

He should study how to count.

And sorry, but not being able to go ANYWHERE is very different from merely working at home, Ali.


Jim replied …



Ali is the guy who stood in front of a burning building and said the situation wasn’t unruly.


Jim continued:

What he said.

But tell us how you REALLY feel, Jim.



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