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And we thought the FART was bad: Rep. Eric Swalwell's nasty response to Republican Jewish Coalition asking him to apologize for calling Richard Grenell a Nazi is a DOOZY

The Republican Jewish Coalition quite publicly called on Rep. Eric Swalwell to apologize for comparing Richard Grenell to Nazi Joseph Goebbels.


Swalwell has become nothing more than another boring Twitter troll.

Honestly, we’re thinking the time he farted on national television sort of broke him.

Umm … hi there?

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

There it is.

But Trump!



They are totally the party of ‘diversity’ unless you’re in one of their diverse buckets and you DARE disagree with them. That’s when who they really are comes out, and it never looks good.

Swalwell responded.

In a few years, Rep. Eric Swalwell’s children will be old enough to read his Twitter feed and they’ll ask him, ‘Dad, why were you acting like such an obnoxious troll as an elected official. It’s really embarrassing, dad. You should delete those tweets and your account.’

Yes, that is Eric’s account but with a George Floyd avi so he can prove to the world how much he REALLY CARES.

Forget that an elected official called a gay man a Nazi, he CARES.

What a maroon.

This is the tweet they were referring to:

We’re not entirely sure if Eric thinks this is how he appeals to his base but wow, his account has just grown uglier and stupider since he had to give up on ever being the president. Remember when he told people not to buy a bag of chips and to donate that dollar to him instead?



Guess how his tweet went over:


He will never live down his fart heard ’round the world.


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