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As Twitchy readers know, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took time out of her busy schedule being confused by garbage disposals to make the case that COVID-19 is actually all about racism.


Or something.

People, we stopped trying to figure out how her brain (???) works years ago. Anyway, Laura Ingraham apparently found it as odd as we did and responded to AOC:

With an emphasis on margaritas.

Oh it’s a joke, get over it

AOC apparently didn’t like Laura’s tweet:

Oh no, that’s not actually true. The man who died ate fish tank cleaner and it sounds like there was something nefarious going on with the wife who gave it to him … yikes, AOC.


Then she doubled down …

And tripled down.

The Daily Beast, AOC? Really?

Girl, stop.


If she was trying to prove she’s not a total ding-a-ling she failed.

That. ^

What he said.


Put the Twitter down, AOC.



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