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'FOO' for thought: Sam Janney went to CPAC and all you get is this awesome t-shirt (ok, it's actually a blog) UPDATED: Maj Toure and the Mister

Welp, I’m here. I MADE it.

I’m at CPAC, and boys and girls, I’ve gotta tell you. It is a MASSIVE event. People EVERYWHERE … I swear, I spent my first hour pointing out people I write about every day to my husband, ‘Oooh, look, honey, that’s Kurt Schlichter! OMG, it’s Scott Presler. DUDE, did you see Alex Jones?’ Yeah, even this ‘little Twitchy editor who could’ was a little starstruck at first.


Note: Cam Edwards is the nicest person on the planet in person and his beard truly is fantastic. Also, Storm Paglia is a rockstar.

I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to truly cover this conference to give you all an idea of what it’s really like that isn’t just another blog about this or that famous person (even though seeing them in person is pretty damn cool). To cover it in a way you’ve never seen before, something different. I even asked some maniacs who follow me on Twitter what they thought and they actually helped me figure it out.


So here we go:

There once was a conservative duck
Who really liked to … JUST KIDDING.


No no, I’m going to spend a lot of my time here today talking to people attending CPAC. Everyday people who we may not hear from on TV, on the radio, or even on Twitchy. The REAL America if you will.

Rad, right? I know!

So stay tuned, I’ll be updating this space as the day goes on and sure, there might be one or two famous people included but my goal, my focus is to talk to attendees and hopefully they’ll talk to this crazy lady from Twitchy who thinks she’s a bunny (follow me on Twitter, @politibunny for my tweets as well!)



11:00 a.m.

Big news folks, Santa Claus is a conservative. SERIOUSLY. I saw him.

All decked out in his Christmas duds.


I know, I know, I said I wouldn’t write about famous people but this seemed like too big of a deal NOT to share.

Also, I spoke with Jack T. from Missouri. Jack is officially a ‘Boomer’ who is attending his very first CPAC with his wife Cathy. He and his wife are both life-long Republicans who were disillusioned with what the party became as he called it, ‘Democrat-lite.’ Trump ‘woke’ them both up, but especially Jack. He said, ‘Trump woke this country up. He kicked us in our a*s and we needed it. We’ve spent too many years being ok with winning some and losing some. It’s ok for us to win ALL THE TIME.’

Note, Jack’s wife hugged me, even though I’m not a hugger.

PS: I’m back HERE!




1:04 pm

I have never seen a more diverse group of people than I have at CPAC. True story. People of all colors, sexes, creeds, abilities, and even gender are in attendance, including a lovely drag queen called Ms. MAGA. She’s taller than my 6’3″ husband – granted, she’s wearing giant boots but still.

Spent some time talking to Darcy, a 28-year-old single mom of two who is attending CPAC for the second time this year. She first started coming in 2016 and thought it was important to come back again since we’re in an election year. Darcy is doing everything she can to make sure Trump wins another four years because it has made a world of difference to her and her pocketbook. ‘Before Trump I couldn’t find a job, since Trump I’m working and making enough to save for my kids’ future. Socialism SUCKS.’


Did I mention she was all decked out in MAGA gear including the coolest sparkly hat?


3:46 pm

The mister made the trip up with me to CPAC and he got to meet Maj Toure who gave an exceptional presentation on inspiring and motivating the masses to get involved and VOTE. Not sure how anyone could sit through his session and not feel like running through a brick wall and recruiting Trump voters.

Did I mention I ‘met’ Sean  Spicer for just a moment? If you tell him I’ll deny it but I am nearly a head taller than he is BUT he’s still super awesome.


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