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HA! He just admitted Trump WINS! Tom Nichols melts down in tweet shaming everyone else for making him vote for a socialist

If Tom Nichols’ end goal for all of this Never Trump nonsense was to make himself entirely unlikeable and all too mockable he’s succeeding in a HUGE way. What sort of conservative ‘expert’ thinks voting for a socialist is a good idea? Let alone admitting as much on Twitter where he or she knows they will just get DECIMATED.


And Twitchied.

Yup, we’re a verb now. #DealWithIt

Tom isn’t getting his way with the Left either.

Poor lil fella.

Guess Democrats and Leftists don’t like getting lectured and nagged about how they vote by a so-called ‘expert’ either.

Yes, he is.

Tom seems tense, yes?


Don’t be too hard on him, folks.

He’s certainly earned it.


Uh-oh, Tom sounds cranky.

If only the little people in flyover country with their redneck, podunk ways would have listened to Tom’s sanctimonious lectures over the past four years.

*eye roll*

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