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Bulwark crowd hardest hit: Quinnipiac Poll numbers month-by-month since April 2019 do NOT look good for Joe Biden

Looks like the Democrat’s so-called ‘moderate’ Joe Biden isn’t doing so hot in the polls. Especially the Quinnipiac Poll …

Keep in mind, polls are not always right (they had Hillary beating Trump in 2016) but this decline should be disconcerting for anyone who thought Biden was the key to beating Trump.

Looking at you, Never Trump ‘former Republicans’ aka the Bulwark Crowd.

Take a gander:

Wow. What a huge drop and in less than a year.

They are gonna get stuck with Sanders or Buttigieg (if the DNC manages to cheat ol’ Bernie out of the nomination again).

Good luck with that, Democrats.


Fair point.

Math is cruel and stuff.


Joe is treading water.

No wonder the DNC is in a panic.



‘Sending this flag up to Dems’: Even CBS’ Jamal Simmons has to admit Trump has ‘list of accomplishments’ helping Black Americans (watch)


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