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Civics much, bro? Blue check SCHOOLED for whining that South Dakota has as many senators as California

If we had a nickel for every time we or some other Conservative had to explain how the Senate and House work to some raging blue-check we’d have a crapload of nickels.

And then Bernie Sanders would campaign on taxing our nickels.

Anyway, this John Ales guy (who weI still have no idea who he is or why he has a blue check) was very angry that South Dakota’s senators would not be voting as he wished and then took it a step further and whined that California should have more senators … because.


Population is irrelevant to the Senate, John.

Plenty of peeps were more than happy to educate him a little … which only made him mad.

Fiery Civics teachers.

Huh, is that what they call people who actually know how our government works?

So mad.

And all people did was try and help him out a little since he clearly didn’t know how things work.

See? Helpful.

Shew! Someone with a little common sense on the Left.

It’s so rare these days.

We’re not so sure he did understand that.

Let’s hope he does now.


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