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Brit Hume DROPS the NYT and their convenient timing on the 'breaking news' around John Bolton's unpublished manuscript

Gosh, is it just us or does the timing around the New York Times’ breaking news about John Bolton’s unpublished manuscript seem sort of convenient? Anyone else have a sense of deja vu? Like we’ve seen this ploy before?


Seems Brit Hume does:

It feels like Trump is being ‘Kavanaugh’d’.

Paging Michael Avenatti.



Any minute now they’ll release a bunch of texts from John Bolton’s college buddies that prove Trump totally bribed Ukraine … wait, we’re getting our media hoaxes confused.

Our bad.



It really, really, REALLY is.

Democrats say thanks, NYT.



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BYE Felicia … literally: WaPo suspends reporter who tweeted story about Kobe Bryant rape allegations shortly after his death

Yeah … NO: Elizabeth Thorp implies watching Law & Order makes her a legal expert on impeachment and the JOKES write themselves

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