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'Dude, that's YOUR garage': Gun-grabber's thread claiming someone left a 'death threat' under his windshield sets off SERIOUS BS detectors

Joseph Sakran took a good amount of time putting together a thread about someone leaving a death threat under his windshield. Now, if you don’t know Sakran don’t feel too badly, we didn’t either until his thread crossed our radar and we happened to notice he’s a fairly passionate gun control advocate.


Which makes his entire thread seem very suspect BUT we suppose anything is possible.

This however is a stretch …

So he’s claiming the death threat was under his windshield except that reflection looks a little bit like he took the picture in his own garage. See the entry into the area above the garage? Most commercial garages don’t have those little pulldowns in the ceiling so unless this threat was made in his own personal garage somehow … yeah.

Hey, it could totally be another garage. Sure.

Here he’s making the case for why some gun person might threaten him.


Moms Demand. Everytown.

Yeah, this does not help his case.

Hey man, that’s great that you take care of people.

But we’re still not sure we buy the threat under the windshield bit.


MLK applied for his carry conceal and was denied.


Right? That picture on the left looks … suspect.

Where’s the police report?

Is it possible someone left that on his windshield?



Do we necessarily believe that someone (other than him) did though?


A gun-grabber would NEVER lie about a threat to push more gun-grabbing … right?



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