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neontaster DROPS 'galactic f**kstick* Seth Abramson for blaming 1 very specific pundit for Iran shooting plane down

It’s dumb enough that people on the Left were blaming Trump for the Iranians shooting down a plane and murdering 180 innocent people, but for Seth Abramson to blame Sean Hannity for ‘spooking’ them into doing it?

That’s a whole new level of dumb.

We’re not sure if we should feel sorry for Seth or congratulate him. It takes some serious TDS to make that jump …

neontaster was good enough to take him and his accusation apart:

Have we mentioned how dumb everything is? Yeah? Welp, we’re mentioning it again.

Scary, ain’t it?

If we’ve said it once we’ve said it a bazillion times, the Left loves to project on the Right.

Galactic f**kstick seems accurate.


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