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Some next-level BULLS**T! Lefty's claim Trump has only appointed racist, WHITE MALE JUDGES easily (and painfully) debunked

This is what a lie looks like, folks.

A lie being spread by thousands and thousands of people on Twitter which will absolutely show up in debates near and far as we approach the election. You will see folks on the Left absolutely SWEAR Trump has only appointed white, racist dudes …


Perhaps this person really didn’t know better, but to us, it looks like a deliberate attempt at misinforming and scaring people into thinking Trump is appointing racist judges.

Take a look at this crap.

A simple Google proves this is some next-level BULLS**T.

Look at all of those evil white men.

Oh, wait.

Not an openly gay Filipino-American! SO RACIST!



Yes, evil white people have formed a special social media attack group to take apart innocent Lefty tweeters … IT’S ALL A PLOT.

You have to wonder if people like this can actually tie their own shoes.

What this boils down to is the Left really needs Trump to be some horrible, sexist racist because they have nothing else to run on. Impeachment? A joke. Russian collusion? A hoax. And Democrats have wasted so much time on BOTH they’ve done nothing for this country.

Guess we’ll just have to keep calling them out on their BS.

How very racist of us.


‘Misleading and dishonest pattern’: Brit Hume shares WaPo piece (yes, WAPO!) that takes Rachel Maddow APART (and damn)

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