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'Dude, take a Midol': Tom 'the expert' Nichols couldn't put his foot in his mouth fast ENOUGH in cadet flashing ok symbol debate

Tom Nichols really needs to lighten up.


Sure, Trump winning in 2016 broke the guy but he’s starting to sound like a progressive scold who spends his days on Twitter trying to look more important than he really is.


Like his tweet about the army cadet allegedly flashing a ‘white power’ symbol during the Army/Navy game … don’t make that face, we didn’t write this tweet.

So Tom thinks the cadets are stupid no matter what.

You know he’s a lot of fun at birthday parties and other gatherings.

OMG WE KNEW IT, John Cena is a total racist. He’s a double racist even!

Take a Midol.

Not bad advice.


Gosh, Tommy Boy, this went well.

Or not.

Ben Domenech chimed in:

Tom responded:

Except …

But Tom’s the expert!

Imagine trying to pull the ‘I’m an expert’ card on two vets …


C’mon, Jerry wasn’t actually surprised, right?

He just keeps sticking his foot in his mouth.

Viral boomer.


But ouch.

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