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'Sure I'M totes a very active Democrat': Senate Dems are too stupid to know I'm TORMENTING them and it's glorious

I’ve been tormenting Senate Democrats for the past month.

It’s not hard.

And honestly, it’s a lot of fun because no matter what I do when they ask me for an interview or to take a survey, they can’t seem to figure out I’m totally effing with them. Now, to be completely fair most of this crap they’re sending me is probably automated and the odds of a real human being reading what I’m writing are not good, but deep down part of me hopes they see just one of my many responses to questions about how Trump is trying to put old people out in the street and they shake their little fists in frustration. FOILED AGAIN!

Oh, you guys, they are so bad. The things they write in these emails are SO dishonest and clearly just attempts at scaring the crap out of people so they’ll vote for them. I suppose since they really don’t have much else to run on next year this is all they’ve got.

It all started when Chuck Schumer asked people to take a survey on Twitter so I decided to answer the questions to see if they would just beg for money (and they did). I also knew they’d take my email and send me a bunch of crap so I gave them one I don’t use but I can’t seem to stop checking the account just so I can mock them. Over and over again.

This is what they sent me maybe a day after I took their first survey.

Wow, she’s been searching their database and personally selected ME specifically of all people to interview because my answers show I’m an extremely informed and very active Democrat in Virginia.


I haven’t voted for a Democrat since 1992 when I was a stupid college student and voted for Clinton so yeah, pretty sure this is bullsh** but hey, she was trying to make me feel special SO who am I to deny her the interview, which I took. Most of the questions were just more fear-mongering about whether or not I thought Trump destroying our Democracy was a bad thing (FYI, I answered with a LOT of curse words and colorful phrases) and then they begged me for money.

Honestly, after the interview, I was pretty sure they’d figure out I’m not a Democrat but nope … they sent me this the next day.


‘Stonewalling House Democrats’ efforts to investigate the extent of Trump’s corruption?’ SAY WHAT? Democrats have been running the entire shame of an impeachment hearing … if anyone is stonewalling it’s Democrats.

And c’mon, Breitbart is extreme-right and whistleblowers are brave and patriotic?

Holy crap.

PS, they begged me for money again SOOOOO I went and answered more questions thinking surely they’d discover my mockery and stop sending me their silly emails.

But nope.

They sent me another and this one has been the worst of all (it actually pissed me off):

Note, the subject of their crappy email makes it sound like something is wrong with YOUR social security, Medicare and Medicaid. And literally NOTHING HERE is true. There are no facts backing up their claims that Trump is cutting benefits for our most vulnerable populations and then yup – SIGN THEIR PETITION AND GIVE THEM MONEY. Think about that for a minute, they tell people they’re losing their entitlements and then turn around and beg for money.

Democrats have no shame, and Senate Democrats are especially disgusting. I get it, it doesn’t look good for Democrats in the presidential election so they’re trying to focus on taking the Senate but wow. And you know the people who actually want to receive these emails not only buy into their rhetoric but are giving them money.

It’s nothing more than a scam like everything else about the Democratic Party.


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