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'Speaker abused her power': Rep. Doug Collins all but calls Nancy Pelosi's BLUFF on impeaching Trump in heated interview (watch)

Often times when this editor watches Rep. Doug Collins talk about impeachment or whatever circus the Democrats are putting on that day, she feels a bit like he’s speaking for so many of us.


Like his interview this morning on Fox News about Nancy Pelosi and why she needs to stop playing games with impeachment.


You know he’s right, Nancy.

He’s basically calling their bluff. FINE. If you’re going to move forward with this impeachment nonsense then make it official and allow all sides to be heard. Right now we’re watching Democrats and the media all but ‘ruling’ the president guilty … which seems convenient for messaging during a campaign.

Most Americans see it, even those who disagree with and dislike Trump, BUT that won’t stop this dog and pony show.


We’re talking about a party that complains about the American flag and boos God, are we really all that surprised they’d do something else unAmerican?

They know they can’t beat him next year.

Sorry, not sorry.

We shall see.


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