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Bless his HEART! Ed Krassenstein melts DOWN white knighting for Alyssa Milano and her #SexStrike annnd we're dead now

Watching Ed Krassenstein ‘white knight’ for Alyssa Milano and her #SexStrike is sort of like watching a cat walk around on its hind legs; it doesn’t look right and makes you feel a little nauseous. And he’s so passionate and emotional too!


Take a look.


And what now about neo-Nazis at Holocaust remembrance events? Where?

Poor Ed. Or is that Brian? You know, we can’t always tell them apart.

That’s the funniest part of all. Abstinence is literally the only guarantee AGAINST abortion … so as we’ve said before, we completely and totally support Alyssa’s strike for Democrats.

Somewhere, Justin Bieber is weeping.


It’s the same thing as when they pretend they care about life after a shooting. They only really care about the dead when they can be used for their agenda.

NOW you’re thinkin’!

Yeah, we’re pullin’ for ya’ too, bro.


BOO and YAH! Trey Gowdy drops a WHOLE lotta Steele dossier truth on John Brennan and James Comey and it’s BRUTAL (watch)

‘Honestly this is SUPER sexist’: Alyssa Milano defends #SexStrike in lame op-ed for CNN and it just makes things WORSE

Suck it UP, sweetie! Rachel Maddow FLIPS OUT over Barr appointing John Durham to investigate Russia probe (watch)

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