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KEEP tellin' yourself that, sweetie! AOC's claim she's 'changing the GOP agenda' with her Green New Deal BS gets ALL the backfire

This is infuriating.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been telling anyone who would listen to her ridiculous nonsense that the world would end in 12 years if we didn’t fall in line with the Green New Deal immediately. We’ve had months of her calling it ‘our World War II’ and reading about children who are terrified the world was truly ending and NOW she’s trying to pretend it was all a joke.


We get that she’s trying to save face here but claiming the GOP has been ‘storytelling’ about the GND? This is blatantly and obnoxiously false.

Changing Republican’s agenda?

Yeah … no, AOC. But nice try.


So much this.

We NEED this ‘reaction’ icon.

She’s really just ridiculous.



Wouldn’t hold your breath there, pal.

Eff outta here with that … heh.


Hope Carol Roth got a receipt after OWNING the NYT for claiming there’s no link between illegal immigrants and crime

SHOCKER! Media TOTALLY ignoring disturbing history of anti-Semitism from THIS infamous Dem running for Congress

HA! TOUGH guy Brian Sims who bullied teens and an elderly woman for praying outside a Planned Parenthood LOCKS down

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