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So PRECIOUS: Kirsten Gillibrand's panderifically horrible take on paid family leave earns her one HECK of a dragging

Kirsten Gillibrand doesn’t think people should have to ‘depend’ on coworkers, friends, and or family for help when caring for themselves or their family. No no, she thinks the government is the answer … like the good little Democrat she is.


Who thinks like this? You know what, don’t answer that.

No parent should ever be fooled into believing the government is compassionate or gives a single damn about them or their family.

And Kirsten wants to be president.

Yeah … no.

So wait, you mean the government doesn’t need to be responsible for our paid medical leave? Get outta here!

One guess.

Kirsten ain’t writin’ a personal check, we can tell you that much.


Hell no.


Government is rarely if ever the answer.

Sorry, not sorry.


Status=OWNED! Steven Crowder fact-checks the ever-loving SNOT out of Jim Acosta on Trump and Charlottesville

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