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WTAF is this guy ON?! James Comey responds to Mueller Report with another BIZARRE pic and three sorta cryptic words

James Comey’s Twitter account reads more like some lame Thoreau rip-off than something a man who held a fairly powerful role in the US government would be ‘tweeting’. Which begs the question, what is this guy smokin’!?



After a day of all sorts of takes on the Mueller Report, James took it upon himself to tweet this photo.

So many answers.

Alrighty then.

Is James trying to be annoying because if so … SUCCESS.

WE didn’t write it.

We laughed at it.

We included it in this article.

But we didn’t write it.


Whoa, good point. What is it with Democrats losing their minds and wandering the woods? Heh.

No idea what this means but A+ for the bunny Peeps.


It was a long and crazy day in social media.

True story.

Don’t look at us, man, we just work here.


Bless her HEART! Rachel Maddow GRASPS at straws interviewing Andrew McCabe on Mueller Report and OMG it’s painful (watch)

‘Lengthy defense … OF THE FBI’: Kimberley Strassel breaks down the #MuellerReport and what it REALLY says and WOW

YO DEMS, pay attention! CNN conveniently aired this EYE-OPENING poll on #MuellerReport late, LATE last night

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