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'Witch hunt based on bulls**t': Lefties lose their ever-loving MINDS when Geraldo Rivera LAYS into Dems over Trump-Russia HOAX

You know it’s really bad for Democrats and the media when even Geraldo Rivera is throwing down the hammer and calling them out on their BS.


It’s really not been a great day for the Left. Heck, it’s not been a great year for them but we digress.

And yeah, the Left has been pretty unhinged since Trump won but you should see the fit they threw on Geraldo’s tweet:

So thirsty.


And yet here this guy is yelling at him.

Seems sorta relevant to us.

Umm … who wants to tell her?

She shouldn’t talk about Bill Clinton that way. For shame.


What does she think they’re going to do? Press charges that Mueller himself couldn’t press?

The Resistance is so adorbs.

But how could Trump obstruct justice if there was no crime in the first place?

They are losing it.

They really thought Mueller would save them from the evil orange guy who beat their queen.


And they were WRONG.



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