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Suck it UP! Brian Stelter interviews whiny journo who insists Trump doing THIS to the media proves he's a dictator (watch)

Reliable Sources is truly an oxymoron.

Sort of like Government Intelligence.

Sooooo much eye-rolling watching this.

Your turn.


Trump is pushing them to exhaustion. K. THE POOR MEDIA. They work and they slave, and what thanks do they get?!

And Brian just sat there, smiling like a crazy person, nodding his round little head.

We can’t decide which is funnier here, a guest on CNN insisting the media actually fact-checks anything or Bri’s perfectly round noggin. Suppose there’s no rule that says we can’t laugh at both.

They weren’t worried about fact-checking Obama because he was their bestie.

Their idol.

Their king.


Hey man, it’s hard being a pandering suck-up to the Democratic Party 24/7.



This viral video of Trump and CNN is even funnier now, right?

So much propaganda, so little time.


So MUCH ratio, so little time! WaPo gets absolutely, positively ROASTED for op-ed calling Electoral College a ‘failure’

Guys, just FYI, this HAS been doctored: @CarpeDonktum’s newest video of Trump and CNN goes viral and OMG-LOL

Dude jumped the shark, TWICE! Beto O’Rourke calls Netanyahu a racist in rambling, waving-arms-around RANT (watch)

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