You guys ever notice that when Democrats won the White House we didn’t hear a peep about the Electoral College not doing its job? Not from politicians, not from the media … nothing. Gosh, it sure feels like since Dems can’t win by the rules they want to change them all of a sudden.

And this op-ed from the Washington Post is just so much noise.

The Founding Fathers would probably agree?

Yeah, no.

From WaPo (behind a paywall, of course):

Despite this, all the plans to get rid of the electoral college are, at the moment, fantastical. The Republican Party is firmly opposed to the idea, and there seems little hope that Republicans will change their minds. The Interstate Compact has not been adopted by any “red” states, and even if it passed, it would be certain to face legal challenges.

It’s safe to say the electoral college is here to stay. But in accepting that, we shouldn’t pretend as though the electoral college is part of some grand bargain that the founders enacted to balance the country. It’s not. Instead, it’s a relic of the 18th century that failed in some of its most important intended purposes.

A relic.

Keep in mind, these are the same people who likely call the Constitution a ‘barrier’.

We suppose we’d be more apt to take these sorts of op-eds more seriously if a Democrat were president, then it wouldn’t feel quite so loaded and biased.

And check out the ratio on this bad boy:

Hrm … not really.

But he used a bunch of fancy historical facts to prove otherwise and stuff.

Probably not a great idea to try and speak for the Founding Fathers, just sayin’.

If Democrats thought the Electoral College would benefit them they would be fighting tooth and nail to protect it. This is about losing in 2016, nothing more, and they can’t accept that the main reason they lost is that Hillary was just that freakin’ horrible.

Whoda thunk it?


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