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Glass house ALERT! AOC lectures the Right about not making personal attacks, faceplants over the Left's 'red hat BAD' rhetoric

Understand when Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez goes on Twitter and rallies people to blame Jeanine Pirro for some lunatic threatening Ilhan Omar it will lead to other lunatics threatening Pirro. We get it, AOC is desperate to make this about herself since she spent the last few days getting LIT UP for her ridiculously fake southern accent but c’mon, give us a break.


She is the LAST person who should be lecturing anyone else about talking policy, not personal.

From CNN:

A New York man is in custody after having been arrested and charged with threatening to assault and murder Rep. Ilhan Omar, according to the US Attorney’s Office for the Western District of New York.

Patrick W. Carlineo, Jr., 55, of Addison, New York, threatened to kill Omar because of her Muslim faith, according to a criminal complaint and accompanying affidavit.

As we said, the dude is a lunatic.

FYI, at no point in the article is Pirro mentioned. Yeah, we read it so you didn’t have to, you’re welcome.

Maybe if this person tweeted with a southern accent AOC might understand her question better.


Very true.


Not only is she calling for censorship but she’s blaming Pirro for a man threatening Omar. Did Pirro say some stupid stuff? Yes. Did she cause this idiot to threaten Omar? No.

Good luck with THAT.

And once again her followers remind us how she got elected …

Sweet baby corn.

Yeah, take THAT Jeanine! We’re sure she’s super worried now.

They really think like this.


‘Fat boy?’ Oh, the irony.

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA … oh, wait, she’s serious.


Keep in mind, AOC’s tweet was about how people should stop with the personal attacks and only talk policy. Notice anything interesting in her supporters’ comments?



This interaction though may be our favorite on the thread.



‘You deserve what you get.’

Wow, right? AOC is upset that Omar has been threatened over her Hijab and her followers are telling people in MAGA hats if they don’t want to be harassed they should take them off.

Too funny, and by funny we mean sad, pathetic, and totally predictable.

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