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Because socialism SUCKS: Conservative woman decimates the Left's 'living wage' talking points in EPIC thread

For years, the Left has been babbling about a ‘living wage’ and trying to force employers to pay a minimum of $15 an hour even if that means they higher fewer people because in their little heads the math somehow makes sense.


The rest of us know the only real way to help those who work for a minimum is to do away with the law that allows an employer to PAY a minimum in the first place, and that way these companies have to compete for their employees.

But no, instead of understanding the free market, our dear, sweet, tolerant friends on the Left are pretending the government can fix this. Some chick named Heather (who we have featured before) took these ‘living wage’ talking points APART in an epic thread:

Or maybe even had a job.

They assume a LOT of stuff.

Socialism has never been implemented correctly or something.


They love to pretend they care about the poor by making the government take care of them.

‘Nuff said.

Socialism is bad, m’kay?



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