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Here's another 'fun little item' by the reporter who did the Dave Portnoy...

OMG did he REALLY say that?! ONLY Obama could make this big of a jacka*s of himself in Michigan (watch)

Democrats. Awesome job bringing Obama out to campaign for you during the 2018 midterms. Seriously, keep that shiznit up … it’s awesome.

For Republicans.


Look at this:

Hey Michigan Democrats! Get out there and vote early!


What makes this truly glorious is how smug and cocky Obama is about those who aren’t energized or who may not be informed … while he’s the least informed man in the room. Some things never change.

OH, that’s right.


There were a few Obama fans on the thread insisting Michigan does have early voting (because you know, their Messiah is never wrong) so this editor did her due diligence and went to Google …

While some states allow all voters to cast ballots prior to Election Day, Michigan does not have early voting. Of course, qualified Michigan voters can cast absentee ballots prior to Election Day.


And as we all know, casting an absentee ballot is not the same thing as voting early.

Womp womp.

Besides, we’re not sure early voting would be such a great idea for Democrats in Michigan anyway:

Give him time, there’s still another week before the midterms.


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