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We’ve said it before and we’ll probably say it again.

Democrats are in trouble.

And you know it would be sad if it wasn’t so convenient because traditionally when one party takes the White House the other party does really well in the midterms, and considering how unpopular Trump still is with some even on the right this should have been a cakewalk for them.


But then the Democratic Socialists showed up …

Y’all old timers GOTS TO GO. ‘A lot of these folks were in their heyday in the 90s … ‘


And you know what, we don’t actually disagree with Alexandria on this point, Democrats have well and truly turned into the party of rich, old, white people.

See Hillary Clinton.

Man, Bernie supporters are almost as cranky as he is.

Hey Democrats, tell us more about that blue tidal wave.



Admit it.

This is fun.



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