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Eating their OWN! Rosie O'Donnell SLAMS Kamala Harris for not doing ANYTHING about separating families

Good ol’ Kamala Harris. While most Democrats have moved on to shrieking about Kavanaugh (or going back to crying about Russia), Kamala has really been focusing all of her feigned outrage on illegal immigrants.


She really knows who her voters are, eh?

The only issue with her tweets and pandering is she’s complaining about legislation that was actually passed by a Democrat and upheld by another Democrat. Granted, most of her base probably doesn’t understand the basics of what is happening with illegal immigrants in this country, but c’mon. Surely some of them can Google, right?

Maybe not.

Tough crowd, Kamala.

Freakin’ Obama.


Oh, yeah. There’s that too. The president isn’t supposed to pass legislation, Kamala. That’s your job. We know you all got used to President Pen and Phone, but we’ve all seen what a mess that makes of people’s lives with DACA, right?

She’s REALLY milking this.

Whoa, Rosie called her out.

Not bad, Ms. O’Donnell.

It’s easy to talk to the talk, Kamala.

Or would that be to tweet the tweet?



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