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Bless her little HEART! Lauren Duca's claim that only UGLY women can run the world BACKFIRES in an UGLY way

There’s something fascinating, and not in a good way, about a so-called feminist complaining that women have it too hard because they care about the way they look. Seriously? So is she saying that only ugly, slovenly, hairy-legged women have the time to run the world?


There are quite a few gorgeous women on both sides of the aisle who would likely disagree with her but hey, whatever floats her boat.

Women are forced to dedicate time to taking care of our appearance?


Traditional feminists would never stop throwing up if they saw what happened to feminism under third wave feminists.

Besides, the Dems tried that already …








FFS dude. C’mon.

Then Lauren got upset that people were deliberately misinterpreting her tweet.


She had to know this ‘ask’ wouldn’t go well.

We laughed.

True story.



We thought that was what girl power was all about? Huh.

That. ^

Right? Poor dear …


LMAOOOOO! Dem candidate plagiarizes LOSER Jon Ossoff’s website in some cases word-for-word and OMG

WANT in 1 hand … Blue-check Dem Socialist lays out his WANTS in LUDICROUS thread and it just gets HILARIOUS

Stop hitting yourself! NYT’s op-ed ‘Trump’s Rage Junkies’ proves who the real RAGE JUNKIES are (hint, not #MAGA)

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