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Bottle those, SILLY! Righties have a HEYDAY with blue-check who claims she 'cried in the shower' over SCOTUS

The Left responded SO WELL to the news that Justice Kennedy is retiring from the SCOTUS at the end of July.

Truly, we should give them credit for such a balanced and well-mannered reaction.



Ha ha ha …


Oh, sorry. If we didn’t laugh we might have actually hurt ourselves writing that.

No, no they did NOT respond well to the news that Kennedy is retiring and in fact, most of them completely lost their minds. But Shulie Cowen, who full transparency we had never heard of until this tweet (apparently she’s an entertainment type), actually admitted that it affected her outside of social media.

We’re not entirely sure how she thought Twitter would react to this.

But it wasn’t good.

Yes! Funny how we’ve stopped hearing so much about Trump ripping babies from their mothers at the border. Almost as if that was just another talking point …

Gold star for the meme.

This editor only has a small pond, no fair!

Far too many adults seem to be having trouble accepting reality.


You know, Democrats.

That. ^

Yes! If you get a chance, you should absolutely take a look at the #WalkAway tag on Twitter, there are some amazing stories (mainly from Democrats) who have gotten so fed up with actions from the Democratic Party they are ‘walking away.’

Nothing has even happened yet, that’s the kicker.

Melodramatic much?

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