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WOMP WOMP: Jim Acosta 'rallying the troops' against Sarah Sanders BACKFIRES in a YUGE way

Is it just us, or does it seem like Jim Acosta is starting to act a little defeated when it comes to briefings with Sarah Sanders?

Poor fella.

Now he’s rallying the troops aka the other journos who bravely run into burning buildings to get their story as a means to simply ‘survive’ a Sanders presser, and we can’t stop laughing at him for it.


Then again, we laugh at him anyway but this is pretty sad.

Problem is there is so little time to make the briefings about himself.

They just don’t know how to deal with someone who won’t let them have their way.

It’s glorious, doncha think?

Power to the people!


Hey, he said, ‘thank you.’


*cough cough*


Sounds like lots and lots of good advice, Jim.


What’s funny about her tweet is that Jim really has become a meme.

Good times.


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