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Actually THAT IS the law: Instapundit DUNKS on Rick Wilson whose TDS is OUT OF BOUNDS

If you find yourself typing in all caps about Donald Trump, your Trump Derangement Syndrome may be past the point of no return. And this editor writes this about Rick Wilson with a twinge of sadness because he really is a bright guy.


But c’mon with this.

We get it, the air of drama with the tweet makes more sense with the funny picture of Lebron (OMG THAT PLAY, RIGHT!?) and the caps but c’mon. It’s just a teensy weensy bit melodramatic, doncha think?

Nah, it’s just not a fun talking point if they can’t twist it to fit a narrative.

Psh, if talking heads stopped distorting the news and the law for their own agendas they’d have no agenda to speak of.

Because she was a Democrat.


That’s how this always works, silly.


Let them FIGHT! Chris Cuomo DEFENDS Giuliani, SLAMS Joe Scarborough and Mika for HYPERBOLE fail

Thread on ‘journalistic doxxing’ is an absolute MUST-READ and makes HuffPo look even WORSE

Hey former WH creep smearing GOP candidate Kris Kobach with ISIS jackassery, TAKE A SEAT

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