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WTF are you TALKING about?! Kamala Harris plays race card in tweet to #RaiseTheWage, gets SCHOOLED on econ

She’s running.

We know, we say that a lot but man, she is.


No, Kamala, that’s NOT how this works.

If we raised the minimum wage to $15 an hour, four million black women would see their jobs go away.

Fixed it for her.

Maybe she’s missed it but companies who offer minimum wage gigs are replacing people with computers and machines. But hey, whatever makes her feel like she’s doing something for the little people. *eye roll*

Not a damn thing.

But she knows her base will LAP this up.

Better point than ours up there.



Ignorant and uninformed is where she shines.


And sex, don’t forget sex.

Democrats love their identity politics.


It’s almost as if Kamala doesn’t understand where the money comes from. There is no paycheck fairy, sweetie.

See? We told her.

Aww, what a giver.


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