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'WAY worse than Watergate!' Gina Gentry Loudon absolutely SHREDS the media covering FOR Obama

Gina Gentry Loudon blasted the media for covering up for the ‘criminals’ who are ‘undermining the American voter’ on Sean Hannity’s show.



Her point is pretty damn perfect. Imagine if during Watergate the media wasn’t working to expose what happened with Nixon but instead were working to cover it up? This is what we’re seeing in the media as they spin and spin and then spin some more when it comes to covering whether or not the Obama administration spied on Trump’s campaign.

First, they denied it.

Then they said it was for Trump’s own good.

Now they’re saying it wasn’t really spying but investigating … or something.

That’s fair.


People are awfully wrapped up in this being about Trump, and ultimately it’s about our Constitutional Republic. You don’t have to be a fan of Trump or even a Republican to feel like there is something off with all of this.

And to want answers.

But of course, the Left will play it out as ‘Crazy right-wingers have their tinfoil hats on.’

What he said.


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