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Oh SNAP! John Brennan's terrible, no-good, very bad day on Twitter was more EMBARRASSING than we realized

As Twitchy readers know, John Brennan really stepped in it by tweeting the GOP leadership and all but threatening them about Trump’s calling for an investigation into whether or not the Obama administration was only the tip of the iceberg.


He seemed fairly distressed in his tweet … gosh, wonder why.

Anyway, earlier in the day before he tweeted that hot mess, he had tweeted THIS quote which we think bit him right in his crabby arse:

‘Only an idiot persists in his error.’


He never learns.

One has to wonder if he realized this tweet was foreshadowing.


Maybe John should do himself a favor and just delete his account?

Every time he tweets it’s like we have fodder for DAYS.


We thinks ye be correct.


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