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Special kind of evil: Women's March co-founder DRAGGED for calling Hamas' use of 'human shields' brave

Women’s March co-founder Tamika Mallory tried connecting the violence over the US Embassy being moved to Jerusalem to Americans turning a blind eye to black death in this country.


She also claimed Americans should hang our heads in shame because Israel defended itself from a bunch of so-called protesters … who happened to be armed.

Every day should be two words.

WE KNOW, picky picky.

But it only makes her tweet that much more annoying …

And that evil is called Hamas.

Wait, what?

Did she really just tweet that?

*checks again*

Holy sh*t, she did.


But yes, let’s blame Americans.

Look at those peaceful protesters lobbing Molotov cocktails.

Good times.



This back and forth is amazing.

Nice Alinsky, Tamika.

She’s really not good at this.

No kidding.


She missed the point.



Oh good, an assist from Linda Sarsour (said literally no one, ever).


Mental note, you are the company you keep.


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