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Seriously, WTF?! Parkland teacher tells students Kyle Kashuv is the next Hitler who must be dealt with

We’re starting to understand why Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and Broward County itself were so willing to jump on the bandwagon blaming the NRA for the mass shooting at the school over two months ago. Especially if they have teachers on staff who speak this way openly about their students.


Gotta love public education. Yay.

Kyle Kashuv shared the following statement from another student who allegedly witnessed Gregory Pittman calling Kyle an ass, the next Hitler, and saying something must be done about him.


While the ‘ass’ and Hitler things are bad, what strikes this editor as the most alarming piece of this statement is the teacher saying something must be done about Kyle.

Another shining example of the people educating America’s youth.

And they wonder why so many parents are seriously pushing for charter schools, vouchers, and even going the route of homeschool.



And yes, Pittman had been engaging Kyle on Twitter:

Oh, good grief.

Kyle was at the range WITH HIS DAD learning about firearms …

Yes, a grown man calling a student the next Hitler in front of a classroom is really stupid.

More from Pittman’s timeline:

Awww ok, he’s the victim here.

Got it.


Umm … saying a kid is the next Hitler sounds like an attack.

Just sayin’.

Then he retweeted this:

Ok, so it’s all Ben Shapiro’s fault that Pittman attacked Kyle for posting a photo of himself at the gun range with his dad.

The stupid literally burns.


‘No kidding’! Kyle Kashuv rolls eyes at school officials’ ruling about trip to gun range that triggered lefties

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