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OMG LOL! VA man getting run over by his OWN CAR is the funniest thing you'll watch today (he's ok!)

This guy must have REALLY wanted to get away from the police.

Just sayin’.



From ABC News:

A Virginia man is “okay physically” after being run over by his own car as he allegedly tried to evade police, authorities said.

The Fairfax County Police Department released video in which suspect Bonsu, 30, is seen exiting his car but apparently forgetting to set the parking brake. The video then shows his running in front of the car before being hit.

Gotta set that parking brake, man.

It’s pretty damn funny.


How many people can say they ran over themselves? Right?


Clearly, emotionally he’s totally destroyed.

Literal LOL.

Darwin WINNER.

And we’re done here.



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