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So. Damn. GOOD! Jonah Goldberg's Due Process analogy hands down WINS Twitter

Due Process is super important, people.

Like seriously important.

Without Due Process the rest of your rights could be taken away just like that.

In fact, it’s one of the main reasons the ACLU actually agreed with Trump (shortly before Hell froze over) when he removed a regulation Obama had placed on gun owners regarding mental health; it’s also why so many keep fighting against using the no-fly list to ban firearms.


Repeat after us.

Due Process.

Know it.

Live it.

Love it.

Huh, Jonah might be onto something here.







He’s right you know.

Learn something new every day.



At that point why bother? Right?

Like Jonah’s colorful analogy.

Yup, it’s PERFECT.


‘Get to PRAISIN’, hypocrite!’ Mary Katharine Ham BLISTERS gun-grabber in Due Process snarkfest

YAAS! NYT’s Maggie Haberman embarrasses HACK praising ‘partisan analysis’ over actual reporting

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