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'YOU'RE a joke!' Bette Midler doubles down on Rand Paul 'joke', pisses everyone off all over again

As Twitchy readers know, Bette Midler took it upon herself to make a ‘joke’ about someone beating Rand Paul like his neighbor did, because HA HA HA, that’s super funny right? The idea of a Republican man getting beaten up so badly that he ends up in the hospital.


Wow, that’s some funny stuff.

Oh, wait. No, it’s not.

But instead of an apology, seems Bette is doubling down on her bad joke and pretending that it’s everyone else who has a problem for being mad at her.

We’re not sure Bette actually understands what ‘selective outrage’ means.


It’s as if people like Bette don’t pay attention to reality or understand that their words have power. Morons look up to her … yeah, we don’t get it either but really she has a responsibility not to tweet exceptionally stupid things that could get someone hurt.

She’s always been a little sad though.

C’mon now, it’s ok to say horrible things about Republicans, didn’t you hear?


Yikes, Bette.

Clearly, she needs a hobby, that or this is the only way she can get attention on Twitter. It’s sort of the go-to for Hollywood has-beens who would otherwise be irrelevant.

That’s the real joke.


The tolerant Left: Bette Midler wonders where Rand Paul’s neighbor is when you need him

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