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HELL YEAH! Tucker Carlson just destroyed DACA with POWERFUL truth-bombs and it was AWESOME

The Left loves to over-complicate issues so they can use pretty talking points and pander in a way that allows them to pat themselves on the backs for supposedly fighting for the little guy.


Or saving the planet

Or feeding the poor.

Or saving the lives of unicorns.

And the way they’ve been preening on about illegal immigration is some of their grossest and most blatant panderings yet … luckily Tucker Carlson spelled out the issues in very simple terms that even Democrats can likely understand:

Racist! Sexist!

Oh, wait, no, he’s right.

How dare Americans want the right to decide who enters their country, the nerve.


It did seem like Trump needed a reminder.

Because of something bigot that and something racist this.

It’s mean and stuff to want immigrants to enter this country legally, duh.


Democrats know they can’t win elections without illegal immigrants, that’s why. If illegal immigrants suddenly started voting for Republicans you can be damn sure Dems would be lining up fighting for Voter ID and to build that wall.

We shouldn’t.

But that doesn’t mean Democrats won’t keep pushing for it.


NOT their huckleberry: Matthew Dowd TOTALLY wusses-out when NRA TV challenges him to THIS

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