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'I own Joe now.' Conservative woman just REKT Rolling Stone journo in tax debate (and it's RAD)

It all started with this ridiculous tweet from Ice Cube who took it upon himself (for whatever reason) to pretend that he understands how taxes work. Twitchy actually covered his ridiculousness.


Actually, tax cuts mean the government is taking LESS money from the people; it’s beginning to feel like progressives deliberately misunderstand the most basic of language so they can pretend to be outraged and then ‘resist’.

Right now the govt is taking money from the people who work to pocket some and then provide handouts for others who don’t work. #GoodLuckWithThatSh*t Ice Cube.

Mo Mo, a rising Conservative badass, took Ice Cube APART point by point:



In fact, it was SO much boom that Joe Hagan, a Rolling Stone journo, pulled a white knight and came riding in to defend Ice Cube.


Joe seems mad.

See Joe get angry.

See Joe tweet.

Tweet Joe tweet.

Wait, scratch that. Maybe Joe should avoid tweeting.


Double boom.


Until progressives figure out our money doesn’t belong to the govt. we will, unfortunately, continue to have this stupid debate.



But corporations! Trump!




DaHell is an emoji button?



They sure like to babble on about ‘trickle-down’ economics, don’t they?


It was at this point that Joe blocked the mean Conservative woman and then started adding people who responded to him to a ‘mean list.’


Indeed she did own Joe.


‘SHOW YOUR WORK’! Ice Cube brings the ‘BULLSH*T’ to the tax reform debate

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