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OUCH: James Woods has just 1 WORD for unhinged Trump-hater Scott Dworkin, and it's BRUTAL

Yeah yeah yeah, Scott, we get it.

You don’t like Trump.

Imagine how much Dworkin might be able to accomplish if he spent even half as much time doing something real as he does bitching and moaning about Donald Trump.


Then again, maybe it’s best that he’s not getting much done.

Oh yeah? We have one word for you too Scott, but it’s not suitable for Twitchy.

Luckily James Woods had an idea of his own.

Awwww. Imagine that.

Silence from the haters.

But then whatever would we write about?

And we all know how hard Twitter is, right?

We have some ideas.

Isn’t it a light brown gravy served over meatballs? No?

Beats us.



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