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HA! Greg Gutfeld hands 'Comedy Sheriff' Patton Oswalt his ass in FEROCIOUS back-and-forth

As Twitchy readers know, Patton Oswalt was seriously beside himself after the Senate gave millions of Americans a tax cut early Saturday morning. Clearly, the idea of Americans keeping more of the money they earn was some sort of super trigger for Oswalt:


Despair because Americans will get a teeny tiny break in their taxes.


Perhaps we could take people like Oswalt more seriously if they just admitted it’s not the actual bill that upsets them, but the fact that Republicans passed ANYTHING. If say the Democrats gave Americans a tax cut (HAAAA, WE MADE A FUNNY!), they’d be all over the Sunday morning shows today talking about how giving they are because they gave us back our own money.

Greg Gutfeld gets it.

Oswalt really should have just let it go.


Hey, at least he cared enough to look it up, right?


Says the guy being defensive about his own lame joke.



Oh boy. When they start going after typos you know they’ve lost the debate.

He’s in such despair.

Cruel to Patton maybe, but not to Greg.



Oh boy. Again.


Probably more truth here than we realize.

Walk away, dude.

This isn’t going to end well for Patton.


And curtain.

Guess Patton didn’t want the Twittervention.


Pat Sajak CRUSHES all the Lefties whining about tax cuts with a simple ‘reminder’

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