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Believe WOMEN (just not THOSE women): Kirsten Gillibrand pulls a Pelosi with Franken allegations


How can you put your faith in and support a party like the Democrats when they pull crap like this? Especially a female senator!


It’s his decision? She has NO opinion on it? Convenient.

Pretty easy to ask a predator to resign if you believe ‘believe women.’

Raise your hand if you think Kirsten is playing politics over people.

Not having an opinion is SUPER brave, yup.

That being said, this shot and chaser wins Twitter for the day.

At least she didn’t call Franken, iconic, right?

It’s never been about people or policies, it’s always been about politics and retaining political power.

Yeah, those SNL women who wrote a letter about how good of a person Franken is are looking dumber and dumber as each day a new victim seems to pop up.


That’s really what she said, right? ‘Hey, I believe Franken is a predator BUT he shouldn’t have to resign because he votes the way I do.’ That’s what she should have said because that’s what she really meant.

So, so brave.


Now we’re at 6: Elected official in New England latest to accuse Al Franken of unwanted sexual advance

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