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YOUR DAD: Jenna Jameson takes on horde of frothy, anti-Semitic trolls, makes one cry

When will little Liberal ‘men’ figure out that picking a fight with Jenna Jameson, especially on Judaism, is a seriously bad idea? Let’s hope never because BOY HOWDY it’s fun to write about her whooping and embarrassing them.


It all started with a tweet that is nearly a month old (because trolls look for things to be outraged about):

Fair question.

And since it was a fair question, it triggered this poor slob:

Huh? So thinking Joe might be a Muslim, and check out how he treats Jenna.

Besides, Jenna isn’t a Christian.

Then he tried again.


And then it just went downhill, fast.


You know when the ‘your dad’ or ‘your mom’ tweets pop up the debate is OVAH.


YAAAS! Jake Tapper sums up ‘Liberal Twitter’ with one gif-tweet, triggers WHINE-A-LANCHE

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