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'Dumb as a ROCK!' Chuck Todd proves himself IGNORANT of the Constitution with dig at Moore

Don’cha love it when media elites prove they’re clueless about even the most basic fundamentals of America? Like the Constitution? Look at this nonsense from Chuck Todd.


Moore is right.

Maybe Chuck should read up on some American History because even this editor’s 10-year-old son knows where our rights come from.

Clearly this freaked Chuck out.


The Founders knew if the government gave us our rights they could just as easily take them away. God-given makes rights inherent, and the Constitution protects us from the government infringing on said rights.

Seems Chuck missed this tidbit.



We have plenty of words, but none of them appropriate.


Nope, he really doesn’t and even worse, he thought he could make fun of Roy Moore because he DOES.


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