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The TRIGGERING! Trump re-tweets 'The Best Eclipse Ever' meme, Lefties lose their damn minds

Sometimes Donald-Trump-trolling-the-Left Twitter is the best Twitter.

Like this morning:


And as you can imagine, the Left is collectively making a face like they smelled a fart. Look at these melodramatic babies:




Who needs therapy? Because to be honest, it seems like the Left has seriously lost their minds since the election.


Imagine going through life being so easily triggered by ONE TWEET.

What do you wanna bet these people will spend their day in a Starbucks somewhere crying about the good ol’ days under Obama?



For being a comedian this guy doesn’t seem to have much of a sense of humor.


Because getting upset over a tweet is so mature and stuff.

These are the days where you either LOVE or hate Twitter.

And for now, we sorta love it.


MELTDOWN in progress over latest Donald Trump typo; Update: Another typo

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