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'Kill Fox & Friends': When will WaPo and the rest of the media STOP their violent rhetoric

It’s very telling that an actual act of violence against Republicans practicing baseball, with Scalise still in the hospital, wasn’t enough to stop the media and the Left from using violent rhetoric.


Not wound them, not take them off the air, not ignore them or boycott them … kill them.

Pretty damn violent, WaPo.

A different type of threat, true, but still totally irresponsible.

For being the party of so-called tolerance they sure do make a lot of threats.

Or in this case it could be sour grapes considering Fox & Friends is ‘killing it’ with their ratings.

Did we do that right? Killing it?

Heh, where do we start?


‘Can’t be serious’! Actor John Leguizamo beclowns self with this defense of the media

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