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Elitism at its WORST: Cenk Uygur wants Twitter to create 'caste system' to diss anonymous users

Wait, seriously?

So it’s not good enough for Cenk Uygur when Twitter verifies someone’s identity … if you’re an anonymous brand or voice behind an account without a “real name” your verification isn’t as important?


And you know this made sense in his tiny head.

Sounds a lot like Twitter picking winners and losers to us …

Yup! Hey, Voter ID isn’t cool but we should make sure people are legit before they can tweet. Like CNN, clearly Cenk sees journalists as ‘above’ everyday people.

Ya’ think?


An ID isn’t enough for Twitter, and they only verify “certain” accounts; a feminist cat hoarder bashing men 24/7 with 12 followers gets verified before Conservatives with tens of thousands of followers who write for legit publications.

Just sayin’.


Elitism at it’s worst.


OOF! Twitter lights Brian Stelter UP for sharing ‘truth’ about HOW CNN doxxed Trump gif-maker

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